Setting out for new horizons.

Research spirit in head. Competence on board. This is how new routes open up before you.

Those who want to transform research into economic success need strong partners at their side. Because doing research means exploring new territories. To venture ahead and make new experiences. Often on stony paths with many obstacles. Whether "expedition" goals are achieved and whether at the end of the day research projects become profitable products, often seems to be written in the stars. How often do ideas come to nothing? Or investments in technology and equipment eat up vast sums of money, and the "expedition leaders" realize too late that the chosen path leads to a dead end.

The greater your foresight, your forward-thinking, and planning competence, the more likely you are to reach your goal. We are happy to create the best conditions for this! With fluiosience we guide you safely and confidently to research success.

The most important enabler is the fluio development method. CFD flow simulation provides you with a view into the unknown and helps you to play through a wide range of scenarios. In this way, your design ideas can be tested virtually for feasibility and functionality - in advance. And you can be sure that you are on the right track, and only invest time and money in projects which can be transformed into something marketable.

To ensure that your research project progresses even better, we join forces with our contacts in research institutes and universities, and so bring the right partners together. Of course, for the necessary financial "provisions" we support you also with funding applications. As partners of nationally and internationally funded research consortia, we know any ways through the jungle of research funding. Sounds like a good expeditionplan, doesn't it? Then let us set off together towards the future – Call us on +49 (0)761 409 88 83 .

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Gegenströmung als Wegweiser

Nur ein paar tausendstel Millimeter sind sie lang und müssen dennoch zwanzig Zentimeter schwimmend zurücklegen. Die längste und schwierigste wartet im Eileiter und ist für die Spermien eine Art labyrinthartiger Canyon mit vielen Einsenkungen. Feine Härchen an der Wand des Eileiters, sogenannte Zilien, verursachen einen Flüssigkeitsstrom entgegen der Bewegungsrichtung der Spermien. Diese Gegenströmung dient ihnen als Wegweiser. Erst kurz vor der Ziellinie, wenige Millimeter von der Eizelle entfernt, kommt die Chemotaxis, das Lenken durch Lockstoffe, zum Zug.

Diese Optimierung hat Millionen Jahre gedauert. Falls Sie nicht so viel Zeit haben, nutzen Sie einfach fluiosience für Forschung & Entwicklung!