CFD flow simulation:
Exploit all potentials

Straight to the target with flow simulations.

As engineers and planners, you are constantly faced with the challenge of designing perfect devices, plants or buildings - within the shortest possible time and preferably with a manageable budget, of course. With our flow simulations, you can reach your goal directly:
Optimizing form and function
Uncovering problem areas
Increasing energy efficiency
Reducing material and weight
Extending product life
Developing non-measurable systems
Driving innovation
Whenever the topics of flow and thermodynamics play a role in a system and a task, you will certainly benefit from fluio flow analyses. Thanks to these, all relevant processes that influence your systems in any way can be mapped using well-founded physical and mathematical models. CFD flow simulation thus makes even the invisible calculable. 

On the basis of your design drawings and the most important framework conditions, you obtain a well-founded overall picture of the system processes. This saves you a lot of experimental tests and measurements. This is because we not only provide you with measured values at selected points, but all relevant physical values for the entire system: temperature, velocity, pressure, force, heat transfer, material concentrations and particle distributions. 

Then, of course, we explain to you how this picture can be "interpreted" and what insights can be drawn from it. In this way, surprising new insights and approaches to solutions often emerge. For example, you can examine the interactions of different system components and operating conditions, make design changes and optimisation steps, and save yourself time-consuming prototypes and measurements in all of this. This shortens the development time considerably and, with rapid market launches, you are always that decisive step ahead of the competition. Use this potential for yourself! 

As unique as every flow situation is, fluio can be used in many different ways. By means of flow simulation, for example, we can address the following issues that occur in most industries:
• Uniformin flow
• Equal distribution in branching systems
• Turbulence
• Laminarization
• Targeted turbulence generation
• Pressureloss reduction
• Pressureforce distribution
• Windload
• Suction
• Separation
• Particle and concentration distribution
• Flow and temperature coupling
• Uniform temperature distribution
• Hotspot avoidance
• Heatexchanger optimization
• Heattransfer optimization
• Rotating systems
• Multiphase flows
• Filling operations
• Mixing operations
• Sedimentation
• And many more
flow simulatation basics
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Optimierte Form für höchste Ausdauer

Rekordhalter im Langstrecken fliegen ist die Küstenseeschwalbe: Der Vogel brütet in der Arktis und fliegt zum Überwintern in die Antarktis. Dabei legt die Küstenseeschwalbe hin und zurück zwischen 30.000 und 50.000 Kilometer zurück. Das entspricht dem Umfang der Erde. Diese extreme Leistung gelingt der Küstenseeschwalbe nur durch ihren optimierten Körper- und Flügelbau.

Diese Optimierung ist über Millionen von Jahren entstanden – wenn Sie nicht soviel Zeit haben, nutzen Sie einfach den fluio Entwicklungsprozess für F&E!