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Perfectly positioned.

Pioneering spirit. Partnership. New potential. What you can count on from us.

Yes, we are happy to admit that we are a little proud of ourselves and our pioneering achievements. After all, we were there right from the start. Thirty years ago, we were the first independent engineering office in Germany to recognize the potential of flow calculation, and have since played a decisive role in shaping it. Thus, we have prepared the ground for making numerical CFD flow simulation usable, and specifically for applied engineering purposes. With our experience and the success stories from hundreds of projects, we have been able to makelong-lasting improvements to numerous technologies and to unleash high innovation potential. What is the consequence when competence, experience, and inventive talent are bundled and incorporated into finding solutions? This become stangible today in our fluio service packages! With these we have created a highly efficient and precise engineering instrument for you, which gives you a clear lead - technically and economically.

Rely on an experienced partner who will help you get ahead - because we think ahead. Thanks to our cross-industry knowledge and efficient processes, we keep an eye on the big picture in all our projects. With the declared goal of optimizing products and processes, and enabling them to have a lasting effect. For the benefit of our clients. And for the progress of all.

With brains and charisma. We look forward to meeting you.

As different and versatile as the members are, in our team we all have one thing in common: our pleasure in thinking ahead. And thinking differently. With passion and concentrated competence, we release creative approaches and fresh ideas in order to achieve the best result for you - sometimes by taking unconventional paths. You too can benefit from a unique and dynamic working atmosphere which creates the basis for highly innovative solutions and your own successful growth.

Teodora Vatahska, M.SC.
Managing Director and Partner

Florian Weiß, M.Sc.

Project Engineering

Sebastian Pietrucha, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Project Engineering

Indra Richter, M.A.

Vertrieb / Sales
In memoriam
Dr. rer. nat Axel Müller
Flows were his life. More than 30 years ago, Dr Axel Müller recognised the potential of flow simulation and played a decisive role in the development and spread of CFD technology. In 1988, he began offering flow simulation as a service as a sole proprietor. Since then, he has helped many companies to improve machines, plants and buildings and to exploit innovation potential. In 2011, the sole proprietorship became HTCO GmbH, where Dr Axel Müller was managing partner until 2021.

"Think and simulate" was his motto. In his inspiring way, Dr Axel Müller vividly demonstrated that many phenomena cannot be explained without flow. His extraordinary expertise in flow simulation and his fascination for innovations have left great traces. With unconventional ideas, he enriched technologies and inspired people. His ambition was to think ahead, to advance and to change the world.

In this spirit, we continue his life's work and move into the future with HTCO.

We too have our principles. Go for solution-oriented thinking.

Even if we like to think as detached, free and different as possible: our daily cooperation and work is guided by clearly defined principles and values that we have firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We want solutions. Solutions that optimally fit your individual objectives. That is why we coordinate our approach in detail with you and work according to a precisely defined plan. Each project is treated individually and with the utmost care and attention.

Securing competitive advantages. We keep your competitive edge in mind and provide you with added value in the form of knowledge, security and innovative strength.

Quality at all levels. Starting with the know-how, the tools we use and our way of working, right through to the end result.

What we value: Our cooperation in the team and with our customers and partners is based on respectful interaction and mutual appreciation.

Staying inquisitive and open. We are happy to share our knowledge with them and are constantly building up new knowledge.

And further? Grow! Whether it's professional or human development: we like to prepare the ground for further growth.Translated with (free version)

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be that step ahead
Strömungslenkung für maximale Energieeffizienz

Vögel wie Störche oder Adler, die lange gleichmäßig durch die Luft gleiten, spreizen die Federn an den Flügelspitzen ab. Damit verändern sie die Luftströmung an ihren Flügeln, denn durch die Aufspreizung wird die Wirbelbildung vermindert, was den Auftrieb verstärkt. Die Vögel benötigen so weniger Kraft, um zu fliegen. Durch das Anlegen der Federn an der Flügelspitze hingegen erzeugen diese Vögel gezielt zusätzliche Wirbel, die den Flug abbremsen, auch das wieder mit minimalem Energieverbrauch.

Diese Optimierung hat Millionen Jahre gedauert. Falls Sie nicht so viel Zeit haben, nutzen Sie einfach fluio für Ihre Enwicklungen!